Your Guide to Living in Henderson, NV


We all know that Henderson is one of the premier neighborhoods to live in Southern Nevada. With a population of 300,000 residents and growing, it’s no surprise why Henderson is the 2nd largest city in our great state. Our close and convenient location is only a 10 minute drive away from the airport and 15 minutes from the Las Vegas strip. Get familiar with our great entertainment, dining and shopping options with our monthly guide.


Farmers Markets in Henderson


One of our favorite things to do in Henderson is stroll around the local Farmer’s Market, sample the assortments of fresh berries and get acquainted with the local vendors that make this shopping experience a treat. The best thing about the farmers market food itself is that It’s more fresh, healthy, organic and tastes much better than the processed items we typically purchase at the store. Buying from local, independent farmers strengthens our economy and gives us a piece of mind of where our food is actually coming from. We highly recommend to get out, enjoy the fresh air and get authentic food from authentic people.


BBQ Recipes to Grill Up This Memorial Day


Memorial Day weekend kicks off in only one day and what better way to celebrate than with an amazing barbecue blowout? Memorial Day weekend and BBQ go hand in hand and it’s hard to think of what this patriotic holiday would be like without some delicious hotdogs and burgers. That being said, we’ve found some of the best barbecue recipes out there so that you can impress all of your friends and family this weekend with your killer barbecue skills.